Thursday, December 6, 2007

Progress Report

Lovely Boyfriend is safely home (Hooray!), and I landed somewhere near my goals while he was gone. While I didn't cut coffee back to every other day, I did completely switch to decaf. I planned to get in 8 twice-a-day workouts. I managed to do 5 of those, and I'll definitely mix them into my weeks in the future. Less easily quantifiable, I did manage to eat more simply, but I probably had a bit more cooked food than I usually would.

I discovered something: it's easier for me to be more Raw when LB's around. He acts as my sponsor when I want to eat something really bad, reminding me of my priorities (health and fitness) and encouraging me to eat the less than healthy stuff in moderate amounts. That's all great, but even more important, it's just more fun to prepare meals for someone besides myself. Even a simple meal of apples and dates, or figs and Raw cheese is more enjoyable to prepare and to consume when I'm not doing it alone. Sure, the girls will indulge in some of my Raw foods, but they don't always have levels of interest or enthusiasm that inspire.

If you're trying to lock in healthy habits, consider partnering with someone, even if all you're doing is exchanging recipes and meal plans by email, or checking in to see who's getting their workouts done. It might give your efforts the boost they need.


Banana Island said...

So, right you are! It is so much easier with support! Congrats on your steady progress. :)

Much Love!

Jenna Norwood said...

Thank you for sharing your journey! If you love the flavor & sensation of coffee, you could try Teccino. It's a delicious herbal blend with chickory...not raw, but better than decaf. It's alkaline & high in potassium. Gives you a natural energy boost. I promise they're not paying me to say this, but I should become a spokesperson for them because I've recommended it to so many people trying to wean themselves off of coffee.

To your radiant health!
Jenna : )