Saturday, August 30, 2008

Life is Good!

Good times, but I've missed the Raw food world terribly! The summer has been incredibly busy for me and the fam, as I'm sure it's been for many of you. I haven't even had time to drop in on Bunny Berry's 100 Day Raw Food Challenge forums. I read the emails, but I know I've been missing out on the fun. (Sorry for the fuzzy pic above, but blogger doesn't want to let me delete it. )

Fierce-as-in Fabulous Teenager is safely off at college. We spent a lot time talking about how she'll survive in the dining hall. She's a veggie, but not Raw. They have a pitiful salad bar, but usually have vegetarian stir-fry options, and a bit of fruit available at breakfast. The bummer is that they can't have a fridge in their dorm room, so I couldn't leave her with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. She'll make it work though. Leaving her 3000 miles away from her mommy was tough!

My baby in her 1st dorm room!

Travelling while remaining High Raw turned out to be easier than I expected. We ate out a lot, so I typically ordered salads, hold all meats, cheeses, bread-like products and dressing. If it had lots of juicy fruit (sweet or savory), or yummy avocado, it usually didn't need dressing. I kept a small bottle of really good olive oil in my purse just in case! I did find myself eating quite a bit of steamed asparagus. For some reason, I just couldn't get enough of it.

While we were traveling, I was also working really hard to take my business online. I've set the initial web page up for Every Kid Fit . Check it out, and tell me what you think. It's still a bit rough, but Lovely Boyfriend is helping me get it going. I'm really hoping to do some good on a broader scale. Little kids deserve to run and play! It's fun!

I've missed reading all the Raw blogs. I haven't even been over to giveittomeraw or goneraw lately! I know I'm leaving out some wonderful Raw foodies, but I just want to say hey to some folks. Shout-outs to:

April (Rated R for potty mouth, and sinful desserts!)

TheWriterStuff (Raw is not required, and I hope you're doing well!)

There are lots of other Raw blogs that I've missed as well! I hope everyone is having the bestest summer!


Michelle J said...

Hi and good to see you back blogging!! I missed you and always check your blog to see if you updated!! Today, i was pleasantly surprised!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Candice! I have missed you this summer but completely understand. Suzanne graduated in April and is home but working and I miss her too. Can't imagine if she was away. :) I have been wondering if you ever did the bikini picture with your family?

Write when you can and enjoy your empty nest. THank heavens for cell phones and the Internet!


Candice Davis said...

Thanks for the welcome back,guys!

We did go to Atlanta, where the bikini photo was supposed to happen, but life seemed to get in everyone's way, and most of our friends couldn't make it.
In the meantime, I'm taking that turn of luck as my chance to have extra time! I haven't decided what deadline to set, but I'd better make it soon, or I'll never do it.

Disa said...

Yeah! I am glad you are back. I love what you are doing. You and I need to get together at Au Lac soon. I can already see some ways in which we can merge our two businesses! I was thinking about kids and raw last night- it's kinda funny.

April Nicole said...

AHAHA. I love how you rated my blog 'R'. cute.
Glad to see you're doing well woman! :]

Isle Dance said...

I am (((so))) glad you're back!

And, oh my gosh, thank you SO much!!!

And I completely feel for what you must have been experiencing.

When I went away to college, I felt mysteriously ill after each meal. Someone told me that the salad bar had preservatives sprinkled in. As soon as I stopped eating it, I felt better. But that made it really hard to survive, food-wise (and I certainly wasn't vegan or raw back then). If your daughter experiences this (or even if she doesn't), I'd suggest getting a letter from a physician, specifying the need for a special needs (hey, we are special and we have needs, and if it's worded that way, they have to legally accomodate) diet, hence allowing a fridge to accomodate this. Honestly, I think it should be illegal for anyone to restrict direct access to our own private super healthy food supply (organic, vegan, raw) because our lives depend upon it.


Candice Davis said...

Disa - Au lac is a must! I haven't been back since that night with the Give it to me Raw crew. Let's plan it.

Isle Dance - I never even thought about preservatives in the salad bar! Geesh! I just sent her a care package of Raw goodies, but I hope she's gettig some fresh stuff.

April Nicole - Well . . . LOL!

HiHoRosie said...

heya Sweet Cheeks! I'm sorry I'm so behind in my blog reading. Thanks for the special shout out. you are incredibly sweet...and beautiful I might add! holy smokes! glad blogger didn't allow you to delete your pic. :) I can obviously see where Fierce T gets her striking looks. how bittersweet it must have been to leave her at school so far away! thanks goodness for technology these days. glad to youre back. :)

Anonymous said...
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