Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Luck on My Side

Last Thursday I opened my mailbox to discover a package from Philip at Loving Raw. I won a jar of Better Than Roasted Almond Butter from his recent give-away. Thanks, Philip!

Some things I love to do with raw almond butter:
  • spread it on Breakfast Crusts and top with fresh fruit
  • blend 1-2 Tbsp with 1 cup water and a couple of dates for a quick almond milk
  • make a thai-inspired sauce for pad thai (with kelp noodles, these days)
  • create dips and dressings
  • sneak a spoonful
I'd love to save this little jar of deliciousness for after my juice feast, but my daughter, Melina, comes home from college this weekend, and I doubt the almond butter will survive her first week in the house.

If you're not familiar with Philip's story, you should know he lost over 215 pounds after going raw, and has maintained a healthy weight for some years now. He's also done a 100 day juice feast. And his girlfriend, Heather, posts some of the best looking raw food on the web. Check them out.
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