Friday, July 18, 2008

At a Crossroads

For the last several months, LB and I have been seriously thinking of the idea of relocation. This had been our original plan, to downsize and move closer to Los Angeles once my Fierce-as-in-Fabulous Teenager graduated from high school. Well, she's done her part, but we've had a tough time making a decision. I've lived here with the girls for about 8 years. This is home to both of them.

The for sale/lease sign is in the front yard. We've looked at homes that we loved, but haven't found the right compromise on price and location. It seems no matter what we choose, either Lovely Boyfriend or The Amazing Wonder Girl will have to make sacrifices. I feel torn.

In the meantime, the stress (along with the rest of life) has thrown me off-course. I'm behind on my novel draft. I've been less consistent with my workouts and susceptible to eating things I wouldn't usually consider.

Because we'll be traveling to visit family and take FT to college in a few weeks, I have to get myself in a strong and good place right now. Traveling can take its toll any time, but particularly when one isn't eating well. So I'm back to being very aware of what I consume and checking my workout record for balance. I'm prepping for Bunny Berry's 100 Day Raw Food Challenge, and no you don't have to commit to being 100% Raw for 100 Days, unless you want to! Check it out.


Disa said...

How funny! I just got a Daily Raw Inpiration email titled almost exactly. Change is good in my opinion. The move we made before my Junior year of HS was the thing I thought I would die from and it ended up being such a great turning point in my life. I know all will work out for the best. BTW- I have been eating less than perfect lately and have a cold to prove it. Body gave me a big yelling screaming wake up call. So take care before you head off for that lovely trip!

Isle Dance said...

You are not alone! These decisions are big. I support listening to your gut, your intuition. Making no decision until you are thrilled with it. I'm trying to take that advice now, too, and it's not always easy! But it's necessary for ultimate happiness, I'm realizing.

Sarah said...

RRF - wow, that is big. I've moved many times in my life and am sick of it. We do want one more move though (to our dream "green" home) but that is going to be BIG and long term when it happens. Good luck with your decisions and keep us updated!

HiHoRosie said...

Wow, your plate is full! And stressful! Hope all begins to fall into place for you all. Moving is stressful so I'm wishing you all the best. And sniff sniff the FT will be going away to college but good for her! :)

Rediscover Raw Food said...

Thanks, yall! A comment left here might seem like a small thing, but it means a lot to me to get those positive vibes!

Disa - I hear you about the food. The last time I fell off, I ended up with swollen gums and a cold sore. Yuck!

The move is still up in the air, even at this late date, but it will eventually have to sort itself out. My awesome neighbors already gave me the best bon voyage party!

Isle Dance said...

Thanks to HiHo, I have a present for you on my blog: :o)