Monday, July 7, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

On Saturday we took our house guest to Versailles, a Cuban restaurant chain in Los Angeles. I planned ahead to stay Raw by looking at the menu online. It's a dinerish place, and they only had 3 salad options, but how many did I need?

The waiter took our orders, and I requested the largest salad, only to be told they had no tomatoes. Figuring this was due to the recent salmonella scare, I said no problem. Give me the avocado salad instead. Who wouldn't love an avocado salad? How lucky was I to be in a place that had avocado salad on the menu?

The waiter returned. No hay aguacate. All we have for salad is lettuce.

I suppose I could've had a plate of lettuce, but I cracked and ordered the tostones instead. I was hungry! These were of course deep fried, and after eating about half of the small order, I couldn't get any more down.

Leaving the restaurant, I remembered I had a bag of fruit in the car and I wolfed down a couple of apricots. Next time the fruit goes in my purse. While I don't advise sneaking food into a restaurant, I did make a good faith effort to find something appropriate on their menu. My companions ordered enough food to make us good customers, so while I'd keep it on the DL, I'd bring in my backup in the future.


HiHoRosie said...

Bummer! Your post is appropriately titled. The worst part is being excited for that avocado salad only to be let down. I LOVE avocadoes!

It's like going to the movies these days. Taking a large purse with raw snacks stashed away in there so we're not tempted with candy or popcorn. Maybe we'll have to start doing that for restaurants too. :)

The Cooking Lady said...

But...if they cannot provide something for you that is distinctly on thier menu, then should you not have the right to be able to eat, even if you do have to bring in your own food.

This was an emergency situation.

Rediscover Raw Food said...

I must confess. I do take Raw cheesecake into my local coffee shop. I always make sure I buy a cup or tea or something, so I'm not just mooching their free a/c and internet, and I ocassionally buy a salad there. Still, the Raw cheesecake fits so neatly in my purse.