Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Work it Out

Recently my Cousin Mike, an athlete and physical therapist, asked what I'm doing for exercise these days. After hemming and hawing and making some excuses, I realized I hadn't really found my workout groove since moving to Georgia.

In California, I had the foothills in my backyard and the beach a few minutes away. Hiking was a no-brainer, and though I could only watch the back of Mike's head when we hiked together, I always knew I could lace up my shoes and hit a trail. Easy.

Not so much here in Atlanta. And I refuse to join a gym. Nothing against them, but I can just see the monthly fees hitting my checking account while my gym bag gathers dust. Most days I take my 11 year old to the park or for a 3 mile walk/skip/gallop/jog/sprint, but those are more for her than for me.

What's for me? Body weight resistance training, and shaking my bootay to dance cardio videos. That's right. I watched 2 a.m. infomercials and while I was tempted by Brazilian Butt Lift, (who wouldn't be?) I ordered Zumba. And darnit, I like it! It's so much freaking fun. If you see me at the club hitting my salsa or reggaeton moves, now you know why. Seriously, they break the steps down to such a basic level, even I can do them. That means anyone can. The heart rate goes up, I break a sweat, and my daughter gets a good laugh. What else could I want from a workout?
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