Thursday, January 3, 2008

Big Sigh

Why doesn't a juice feast appeal to me at all? Lots of Raw Foodies rave about the feasts they've done for upwards of 90 days, but I couldn't get through 3 days last fall. I don't juice. I prefer green smoothies (don't want to waste the pulp & fiber, don't have a juicer, like the slightly more satisfying feeling I get from smoothies), but I still couldn't go for a week on the blended concoctions.

My friend Terilynn is on her 34th day of her juice feast. Angela Stokes is famous for her 92 day excursion into a juice-only phase. I love the lightness of being that comes from being completely, or mostly, Raw. I missed it terribly as I ate more cooked food over the holidays, and I'm sure Raw juices would heighten the lovely light and clean feelings. I just can't do it.

Right now I have the perfect excuse: my not-so-high-powered blender blew up today, just as I was preparing to make a smoothie of spinach, peaches, banana and flax seeds. But I have to face facts--even if I owned the much coveted Vita-Mix, I wouldn't go very long without solid foods. I reason that there would've been no juicer in the Garden of Eden. Early man wouldn't waste the flesh of fruit, the fibrous substance of leafy greens, so why should I?

When it's all said and done, I may never enjoy a juice or smoothie feast. I'm okay with that. Still, just as with the certainty that I'll never voluntarily jump out of a plane, I'll sometimes wonder what I'm missing.


pixywinks said...

Ya know, maybe you just aren't ready for a juice feast yet. I was thinking about doing on when I found 811rv. Then I thought the fruit sounded so much more appealing. I may one day do a juice feast, cause I would like to see how it feels. I think my body will tell me when it's time, if ever.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I don't juice either. I hate green juices and never drink them. yuk! I hate the waste of juice, I feel like I should eat the pulp, and that is defeating the purpose, isn't it? Also, the juice feasts seem to require a lot of supplements and I do not want the hassle or the expense of those. Like you, I wil stick with food and smoothies.

Happy Day!

TheWriterStuff said...

I have a Champion juicer yet I make no apologies for not wanting to do a juice feast. There's a little thing I like doing called chewing my food. That doesn't mean, however, that I don't like juicing. I love carrot juice and it's easy to use the pulp from that for many things. Of course, when you make more complex juices then you are talking about some waste. Green smoothies are much easier to make, and tastier too.

Terilynn said...


You're not missing anything. You have to do what's right for you and only you. You know how great you feel eating raw? Juicing is just a different way of feeling good. No better, no worse. Just different.

With the pulp, there's no waste. You can use it in flax crackers, nutmeat or compost it for the garden.