Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Return of High Raw

It's been three or four days since we returned to our High Raw way of eating. (It's an ugly term, "High Raw," but I haven't found a more poetic one. ) We've mostly had very simple meals, as I'm trying to keep down our grocery bill. Next week the CSA baskets start again, which will provide us with more fresh and organic variety.

After only a few days, I've seen some positive changes: clearer skin, deeper sleep, that physical/mental/emotional lightness I only get from Raw, heightened senses. None of this surprises me, since I've experienced it all before and really looked forward to experiencing it this time.

Why then did I move do far away from High Raw, and thus so far away from all those benefits, even for a short period of time? Didn't I know that potato salad and red velvet cake would do nothing to make me feel lighter? Am I so short-sighted that all I cared about was the immediate gratification?

I'm not beating myself up, but I do think I need to take this experience with me into the future. I ate decadent cooked foods because they were part of my traditional holiday celebrations, because I didn't want to offend my hosts, and because I'm very much against wasting food. Even though I continued to include more Raw fruits and vegetables than most Americans would consider, I felt bloated and heavy and sick by the end of it all.

Can someone email this back to me next Christmas?


pixywinks said...

I'm feeling the very same way today. Cheers to raw and feeling the light(ness)!

TheWriterStuff said...

The holidays are a tough time for anyone trying to eat better. All you can do is chalk it up to experience. You have a whole year to figure out how you can do it better next time. :)