Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Resolutions: Why Bother?

When we were little kids, my older brother and I looked forward to New Year's Eve and the rare chance to stay up until midnight. What a party: watching Dick Clark, waiting for the ball to drop, making our New Year's Resolutions! What the heck did schoolkids resolve to do in the coming year? I can't remember or begin to imagine, but I still love the fresh start the new calendar page brings.

In recent years, it seems the world has rebelled against the tradition of setting a new standard for oneself for the coming year. To that I say: Grow up! It's supposed to be fun! So what if your trips to the gym didn't last past February 1st! Easy for me to say, as I start a year without having to resolve to exercise more, or eat better, or lose weight. In 2008 I'll continue to eat mostly Raw, to feed my family more fruits and vegetables, and to stay active--no need to make myself any promises about those things.

In 2008, I'm keeping it simple. I resolve to: Work harder and play harder. Minimizing the time I spend on things that don't fit that edict should make for an interesting year.


TheWriterStuff said...

I so agree! I haven't made any resolutions either this year. I know what I want to do and I'm just going to do it! End of story.