Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Time Away

I haven't been blogging over the last few days. My family lost a member, unexpectedly and tragically--someone I loved very very much. For the last couple of days I've wanted to blog about him and what an amazing young man he was, but I'm not ready. It's difficult enough to get through everyday necessities.

Fierce Teenager is suffering. They were cousins, partners in crime, age-mates and friends. She doesn't do grief well, rarely exposing her feelings. Wonder Girl showed only surprise. She will miss him, but he's in heaven. She worries more for the little sister he left behind. The faith of children is such a balm to our wounded souls.

This sad news comes after several painful losses to our family--our patriarch (my awe-inspiring Grandpa), my nephew, my sister's best friend, my incredibly giving aunt--all in the last few years. How fortunate my family is to have the enduring support that we are for each other. How blessed to have our friends, our faith, and our love for one another.


Banana Island said...

So very sorry to hear of your loss. Our prayers are with you.

Much Love,
Connie, Tasha, Suzanne, and Christopher
Naked Food Cafe
Banana Island

pixywinks said...

So sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Kristen's Raw said...

Oh my, I'm so sorry...sending you positive energy and calming thoughts.