Tuesday, March 18, 2008

100% Raw Challenge

This week, I've joined some people at gone raw in a 100% Raw Challenge. I'm committed to Monday-Friday, all the way Raw and Living. Yesterday I ate:

chia seed pudding with strawberries
raw tacos with mango salsa
a very large fuji apple
slaw of red and green cabbage, mango, and cilantro with olive oil (yes, my evoo is raw) and lemon juice

Yesterday's workout: trained biceps, triceps & shoulders, 1 hour on the treadmill (That may seem like a lot, but my trusty ol' treadmill can only go up to about 3.5 mph. I jack it up to top incline and power walk.)

If you don't have a lot of time to devote to exercise today, take 10 minutes and put yourself through the old P.E. class warm-up routine. You remember: jumping jacks, sit-ups (we do crunches now) touch your toes, and all that old school stuff. Move your body, boys and girls. Don't tell me you don't have 10 minutes! LB, are you reading this, coffee in hand, from Starbucks?!?!


HiHoRosie said...

LOL! Great post. And that's a good challenge. Gotta love Gone Raw! You mentioned tacos with mango salsa. YUUUUUUMMMMMMMM! I just love Mexican food and I'm loving the raw versions so this one I'll have to check out. ;)

yardsnacker said...

Would somebody please call 911, I am on the floor, in a complete state of ENVY! :D Nice daily dishes!

Michelle J said...

Hello, very nice raw menu!! Also, i want to thank you for your comment on my blog! Made me feel better, it really did!! :O)

P.S. I'm staying raw!!!

Disa said...

Yeah for you. I made some raw tacos this weekend too. Yummy! I am starting tomorrow with the spring equinox. Raw for 30 days then I get to reward myself!