Monday, March 3, 2008

The Bikini Challenge

I haven't worn a swimsuit since 1994. That's right it's been 14 years since I slipped into bathing beauty wear. For much of that time, I would've felt comfortable exposing that much of myself, but I rarely vacationed or took time out to relax poolside. I'm not a great swimmer (frankly, I suck), and lounging by a body of water always seemed a little pointless to me. I'd rather lie in a hammock with a book, or go for a hike, or explore new restaurants. Then came the time when I didn't wish to be seen in anything more revealing than a burka. (I'm not kidding.)

Fast forward to 2008. One of our friends sent out this challenge:

Let's schedule a date with a professional photographer and take a group swimming attire photo. Bikini, tankini, trunks, speedos -- your call. Deadline: June 2008

Her purpose is to inspire us all to maintain our commitments to health and fitness. We're spread out all over these united states, so the plan is for us to gather in Atlanta for the group photo. This includes men and women, mostly in their 30's and 40's, with a few husband and wife teams. Everyone's taking their own diet and exercise path, but we're sharing our ideas via email.

Normally this type of thing would make me feel a bit desperate. Since choosing a Raw eating-style, I just feel like I need to keep doing what I'm doing. After all, it works! LB and I are back on track since the holidays. In fact, I think that little eating detour was beneficial for me, as I quickly saw the return of some health issues when I increased my percentage of cooked foods. That motivated me to stay Raw even more than this bikini challenge could. This is my type of competition though--one in which I'm competing against myself.

I'll be ready for the photo shoot. And I'll be wearing a! Stop laughing!


Anonymous said...

What a fun challenge! I am sure you will look great!

Good Luck!

Sharonda said...

How awesome! I'll be checking for your progress because that will motivate me as well. No bikini this year but next summer? Perhaps!

Rediscover Raw Food said...

Thanks, yall!