Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Happiness

Halloween was a blast for Wonder Girl and her best friend, Little E. Even Lovely Boyfriend had his first opportunity to go door to door with trick-or-treating kids. He took the younger girls out, Fierce-as-in-Fabulous Teenager stayed in to hand out candy, and I hung out at my friends' house.

My particular Halloween Happiness came from the fact that none of the usual holiday treats held any sway over me. I was offered cocktails and declined. There were chips, every kind of candy bar, lollipops and sugar in all its many forms. It wasn't even tempting.

I didn't make any special Raw treats, or try to find substitutes for the candies being handed out by the pound. I just had a usual day of eating clean and delicious Raw foods, and I was satisfied. It was a relief to be unconcerned with whether or not I should be allowed a couple of mini Snickers. Believe me, if I'd wanted them, I would've had them. I have a Zero Deprivation Rule. But after being High Raw for a while, the things I crave have changed, and blessedly, concoctions created by food scientists rarely call to me any more.