Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Raw Testimony

Sunday evening, I started to develop a sore throat. By nightfall, my head ached and my energy had waned to almost non-existent. I turned in early.

I spent Monday speaking in whispers. Using my full voice just hurt too much. A lack of energy encouraged me to spend the day in bed, and Lovely Boyfriend took over most of my parental and domestic duties so I could give in to the need for rest. I spent most of the day under the covers, coming downstairs to enjoy the Raw meals LB was kind enough to help me prepare.

This morning I awoke with a slightly scratchy throat, nothing that would qualify as pain. I went about a very busy daily routine with more than enough energy to get things done. The only time my head bothered me was in the early evening, a problem a half cup of coffee easily fixed. (I don't think I'm ready to wean down to the small amount I had this morning.) By the time of this writing, I feel great.

What can I say? I believe my mostly Raw lifestyle helped me fight off whatever was invading my body. It never reached a full-blown cold, or whatever it wanted to be. Perhaps 100% Raw would've prevented even that inkling of illness from taking hold. Perhaps next time I won't need to feel poorly to decide to spend a day reading in bed.


Raw Vegan Family said...

Isn't Raw amazing? We have not yet had a full blown cold when we were staying raw. Glad you are feeling better.

Much Love!