Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kale Salad: Much Better Than it Sounds!

When I was a kid, my mumma would pull frozen green blocks out of the freezer. They'd either consist of broccoli, which I could tolerate, or kale, which left me sitting at the table, rearranging my meal in different patterns, hoping she'd be convinced I'd consumed enough of that vile side dish. She'd drop the icy rectangle into a pot of hot water, then force it upon us.

Mumma was a Home Economics major (and later a lawyer), so she was determined we'd eat from the four food groups. Unfortunately, this usually meant a vegetable that was cooked beyond recognition, as was customary in American cuisine at the time. She didn't even have the decency to throw in some fatback or ham hocks, or top the mushy mess with some cheese--none of that unhealthy fat for her family.

Until recently, I hadn't touched kale since I was forced to at least pretend to eat it, but now it arrives almost weekly in the basket of fresh organic produce we get from a local farm. I've thrown a few leaves in smoothies, but the flavor is so strong, I can only use a leaf or two in a 6 cup smoothie. Luckily, I discovered Adventures of Raw Goddess Heathy, and her Marinated Greens recipe. I left out the tamari (because I don't have any) and the garlic (lately raw garlic is too intense and lingering for me) and cut back on the nama shoyu a bit. Even with these tweaks, the result was fabulous!

The kale marinated overnight, and was served topped with red peppers and avocado. I had to yank my bowl back from Wonder Girl. No more wasted kale!

P.S. I have a lovely photo, which the temperamental Blogger won't allow me to post. Later!


TheWriterStuff said...

I love kale. Just this weekend I attended a pot luck where this guy brought a marinated kale salad with cranberries. It was divine. When I get the recipe I'll post it on my blog.

Kristen's Raw said...

That's an adorable post..."left me sitting at the table"...CUTE!

KALE...I agree that it's great in a marinated salad. In culinary school we massaged the kale (after it was destemmed and chopped) with Himalayan crystal salt, lemon juice and some oil. Then, add something sweet like raisins or chopped dates to help offset any leftover bitterness. YUM!!! CHEERS!

Anonymous said...

I grew up on the south side of Chicago in the early 70's and there was no such thing as kale. Well, at least my family didn't have any. I don't think I even heard of it (or perhaps the greens field was just dominated by collard and mustard greens) Anyway, I know of it now and love it--especially the way the lady who writes this blog makes it! Maybe she'll make some for my momma?

Supercharge said...

There's a great recipe and video demonstration for a delicious kale salad, as well as a green smoothie with kale, on the "Supercharge Me!" channel. Check it out:

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