Saturday, November 17, 2007

Progress Report

Achieved three goals today:

2 workouts (am - 1 hour, stationary bike; pm - abs, biceps, triceps) I was very close to missing the mark on this one. At 9 this evening, after a draining day, there were many things I'd rather be doing, but the weight training went well, and I felt much more calm when I was done.

No coffee! This is significant, because I had NO headaches & will likely have decaf at the workshop I'm hosting tomorrow.

Ate very simply.

Not impressed? That's okay. These aren't the most ambitious goals, but if I manage them, they'll improve my habits in the short-term and my self-discipline in the long-term. Health and fitness can be difficult to maintain, not because they're inherently complicated, but because most of American society is constantly tempting and cajoling us away from healthful behavior. I'm fortunate to have people around me (online & a few in the real world) who are constantly learning in this area, and supporting my efforts in the process. Good luck to everyone on a similar path!


Raw Vegan Family said...

I think those are HUGE ~*impressive*~ goals! You are right, to live a healthy lifestyle in most areas of this country means swimming upstream MOST of the time, but it is worth it!

I would say it gets better, but I am not sure that is true!

Big Sparkly Hugs!
Kudos to you!

TheWriterStuff said...

I don't know about anyone else but I'M impressed. Keep on keeping on!