Sunday, February 17, 2008

Green Smoothie Challenge Rules

The lovely thing about this particular challenge is that all participants are encouraged to make up their own rules based on where we are in our health journeys. It's late and I'm exhausted, but I want to post my rules for myself, lest I conveniently forget them.

For the next three days I will consume:
  • Three meals per day of green smoothies (which can turn into soups if I opt to use a bowl & spoon)
  • Up to one all fruit smoothie/juice per day
  • Green juices as desired
  • White and/or other low-caff tea as desired

I think that about covers it! Oh, tiny detail: I reserve the right to bend the rules. I shouldn't have any problems, but this is a busy week, so if I find myself feeling deprived or lacking energy, then I might eat an orange or something. Heck, it's only 3 days!


Terilynn said...

Smile and have fun!

Peace and Love,