Monday, February 4, 2008

So What Am I Gonna Do About It?

Yesterday LB and I went to a Super Bowl party. I patiently sat through what was for me a pretty boring game punctuated by pretty boring commercials. It was a chance to hang out and catch up with a lot of our neighbors though, and most were happy that "justice prevailed" and the cheaters lost. I took a tray of pineapples, oranges and blueberries and someone else brought a veggie tray, so it was easy to fill up on those, though I did also sample some non-raw snacks. It was nice to leave a party without eater's remorse, and after the game, LB and I went to the market and picked up a couple of large Detox Shocks (a blend of apple juice, lemon, ginger and wheatgrass).

It was a good afternoon and the day ended nicely, but this morning I'm tired and not in the mood for sensory input. The television's playing loudly in the other room. Wonder Girl's displaying attitude about correcting her homeschool work. (I'm sure she's tired--to bed late, then up early at her dad's, but still.) After arguing with me about how she should wear jeans and a t-shirt to a college interview, Fierce Teenager left for school without feeding her bird, so the bird's in its cage making plaintive, piercing calls for attention. Someone's landscaper is running his apparatus right near my back window. All this on a morning when what I want more than anything is some peace.

So what am I gonna do about it? After breakfast and more of my Detox Shock, after making sure Wonder Girl has what she needs to complete her school work, after taking care of the absolute must-do's and nothing more, I'm checking out, folks. I'll put on my tennis shoes and hit the streets, or maybe just go up to my room, slide back under the covers and open a good book. Sometimes, I just gotta escape. I'll return, ready for the world--or at least my little part of it.


Banana Island said...

I think you are on the right track! :)

Healing Thoughts!

Joanna said...

I just discovered your blog through another! I love it! I homeschooled our kids for all 12 years, and only wish I had discovered raw then! Those were some of the most cherished memories of our lives! Two have moved out and on with their lives, two to go, lol... No rush.