Saturday, February 2, 2008


One of the joys of a CSA membership is the discovery of new foods. We've really commited to using as much of our basket contents as possible, limiting the waste as well as limiting the money we spend on groceries.

Imagine my thoughts when this showed up in the basket! Wonder Girl says it looks like an alien.

This is kohlrabi. The first week, I switched it out. I assumed it was something that would need to be cooked. The next week, I decided to go for it and give it a shot. It was delicious! I cut off the stems and peeled the purple covering off the bulb to reveal a white vegetable. I cut it up in sticks and tried it without any seasonings or oils. Delicious! I had to fight Fierce-As-in-Fabulous Teenager for my share. If you see it in your local store or farmers' market, give it a try. I'm betting it'll be great in a salad.


Disa said...

I have stopped by your blog page many of times, but have just come to realize that you are probably not to far from me. I have just recently signed up for CSA and absolutely love it. We got our first Kohlrabi this week and I haven't cut into it but have been using the enormous hearty leaves for my green smoothies. I am saving the biggest one for a raw burrito! Hit me up sometime. It's nice knowing that there are inspiring raw foodies in my area.