Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stop the Cravings!

Today, I wrestled with the devil. Okay, it wasn't really that dramatic, but I did face down a craving for a toasty veggie panini.

I haven't thought of one of those sandwiches in a long while, but as soon as I'm told to limit myself, my mind goes directly to whatever's off limits. Doing green smoothies has been great, but it's also meant giving up the marinated veggies, dehydrator breads and crackers which have taken the place of some of the cooked foods I loved once upon a time.

But it's only been 2 days!

I know. It's pathetic. Check out this juicy gal who has been juice feasting for 80+ days, shooting for 92. You don't hear her whining about paninins. But I aint her, and I was sitting in my car, ready to head down to the cafe and get my sammich.

Here's how I fought down the craving:

1. Did a quick self-check to make sure it wasn't a demand for emotional eating.

2. Told myself that if I still wanted the sandwich in a couple of hours, I could have it.

3. Asked myself how I would feel if I blew a simple 3 day challenge on one sandwich. How will I know how I could benefit from the smoothies if I didn't give the 3 days a fair chance?

4. Promised myself that if I still want the darn thing on Thursday, I can have it without guilt.

5. Reminded myself that it's only 3 days!

Normally I'd go through these steps with LB and he'd remind me of my goals, while reassuring me that one stupid sandwich won't kill me if I really want it. We have a zero-deprivation rule. But LB wasn't around, so I had to walk through this one by myself. And I did!


mandy said...

I'm doing raw for 30 days, and I do similar things to that all the time. But the first 3 days were for sure the hardest! So I get how you're feeling. And man, a veggie panini does sound pretty good right now!

Rediscover Raw Food said...

I know I'm not the only one, but it's sure good to hear it from someone else! Congratulations on your 30 days raw. I hope you really enjoy the food and the benefits you get from it. I really do love it and wish I could get more people (namely my close family back home) to give it a go.

pixywinks said...

That's exactly how I talk myself off the ledge. Especially on this juice feast. I just tell myself I can have it when I finish this if I really, really want it. The food is ALWAYS there.

Rediscover Raw Food said...

Isn't it crazy how much power food can have over us?!? The good thing is that we have the power to adjust our thinking, even when it takes tremendous effort.

Terilynn said...

You're funny in the most beautiful way. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. If it makes you feel better I dreamt of eating bread today and awoke in a cold sweat.


Rediscover Raw Food said...

Of course that makes me feel better, Terilynn! Who wants to suffer alone? Seriously, sometimes the Raw community seems filled with superhumans who don't ever face temptation, so it's always to hear somebody else is as human as I am.

Sharonda said...

OMG! I am so feeling you on this one. and I love Spinach paninis!
It's comforting to know that I am not alone in such challenges. Best of luck!