Saturday, February 2, 2008

Attack of the Killer Cloves

Every since I went back to a diet of mostly Living Foods, I've become sensitive to garlic. I can enjoy cooked garlic in things, as well as the crushed garlic that comes in a jar. I don't use those much though, because I want to stick to living foods.

Enter my fun friend and neighbor. For some reason, she bought a huge container of peeled garlic cloves. I have no idea why she would do this, but she couldn't use it all, so she brought me a bag of about 100 cloves. I knew immediately that I couldn't eat the stuff, but I hit on an idea. I'd dehydrate it! That should make it palatable to me, while still keeping it Alive.
I tried it with a few pieces. The girls loved them, and I threw the rest of the bag into the dehydrator. If anyone stole a piece before it was done, they'd experience a pungency that burned all the way down. I let it dehydrate for over 36 hours and this morning went down to check it out. It had a beautiful golden color, but I was not to be fooled. I went for a tiny piece, one that had to be completely dehydrated by then. The first bite tasted great, so I finished off my little piece.

That's when I found myself on my hands and knees, drooling on the floor the way one does when one is about to puke one's guts out. Within seconds my stomach was cramping and I felt searing pain shooting through my back in the area of my kidneys. I didn't puke, but I couldn't possibly get back on my feet. I started to call Lovely Boyfriend for help, but what could he do?

As soon as I could manage, I crawled over to the pantry and grabbed some Raw Breakfast Crusts, which I quickly ate, washed down with a couple of cups of water.

I know some people believe garlic and onions are toxic. I'm convinced of garlic's positive properties when it comes to certain ailments, but I think I'm treating it like a medicine from now on--something to be taken in small amounts and with great caution. As for the dehydrated batch, it's outta here.


ann said...

I'm really sensitive to garlic as well, but Ani Phyo says in her book to take out the little vein that you see in the middle of the clove when you cut it in half if you have a problem with garlic. I tell you, it worked great for me!

I used to have terrible stomach problems with raw and cooked garlic, but now, I'm fine. Why does no one tell you that removing that little vein will make garlic more digestible?

Rediscover Raw Food said...

To quote the teenagers, "OMG!" Thanks, ann. I will definitely try that. And yeah, why doesn't anyone tell us that!