Monday, February 4, 2008

A Living Example

Recently, we had over a group of friends and family--all people we love--and Raw was one of the evening's topics. Some people hadn't seen us since we first converted to High Raw and they marvelled at our weight loss. We talked about why we chose Living Foods as our path to health and fitness and served a sampling of Raw foods we enjoy. All was going well, until my girlfriend remarked, "I tried Raw for a couple of weeks, but it's too much work. You have to be in the kitchen all the time."

I froze. How could I argue against this notion? I tried to explain that Raw is only as complicated as you make it. My breakfast of apples, figs and Raw cheese takes less time to make than a microwaved bowl of oatmeal. Preparing my green smoothies consumes no more time than her protein shakes (Blech!!!). How simple is a breakfast of 3 oranges and some flax crackers topped with coconut butter?

I confess. When I first found my way back to Living Foods, I dove into gourmet meals. I invested time in identifying Raw ingredients and searching out reasonable prices. It took me a while to work out a routine that allowed me to dehydrate or freeze ingredients before they went bad. I'm just getting a handle on my CSA basket--making use of what I'm served and not allowing much waste.

At yesterday's Super Bowl party, another friend suggested we host a Raw demo/prep class/seminar. She thought we should have each couple chip in a few bucks to cover our costs and then teach them what we know. I'm no Raw expert, but this is one challenge I'm planning to take on. Hopefully, the Raw for Life dvd I ordered will have a chapter I can use as an introduction. In the meantime, I have to get myself together. If I'm going to represent Raw, I want to be a symbol of all Raw can be: simple, affordable, gourmet, intense, imperfect, glow-inspiring, bliss-facilitating and fun.


Anonymous said...

Please do and please report what happened after the demo. I imagine when preparing to fry a chicken turnip greens (the picking and cleaning) and mac and cheese is just as easy than preparing raw? I am trying to go back raw and it was easier and I felt a whole lot "cleaner" on the inside.