Saturday, August 25, 2007

Breaking Up with Joe

Ever tried to quit something that had a hold on you? Normally, I can drink coffee off and on without missing it when I don't have it. Since going 90ish% Raw 3 weeks ago, I've had a cheat cup of coffee most days. Today, in a rush to get out on the hiking trail, I skipped my morning joe.
By early afternoon, a consistent, piercing pain drilled through the left side of my forehead. A brief nap failed to alleviate the problem, and after dinner I began to suspect caffeine withdrawal. Lovely Boyfriend was kind enough to brew a small pot of coffee, and within 20 minutes the pain subsided.
Yikes! I have a physical addiction. Could the drink be having a more significant effect on my system since I've switched to mostly Raw Foods? Seems so. I need a detox strategy.