Sunday, August 26, 2007

Closet Raw Foodie

Ever feel like the people to whom you're supposed to be the closest don't really know you? Most of the people in my life have no idea I'm interested in Raw Foods, much less that I'm striving for a 90% Raw diet. I shrink a little every time my boyfriend or my daughters mention it to someone, and though this blog is public, it's purposely anonymous. I've not asked them to refrain from telling people about it, but I don't encourage it.

Why don't I share my blog with most of my family and friends? I don't feel like hearing how extreme Raw Food is or how they love their SAD food too much to give it up, especially from those who already have diabetes or high blood pressure or serious weight issues. I don't want to hear how they need their daily cocktails, even though drinks leave them drained and prone to insomnia. I don't feel like explaining that I eat more than bean sprouts and grass. I don't want to be monitored and jumped on whenever I eat something cooked.

I want to grow herbs and veggies in pots and put fruit trees in our atrium. I want to move into a cottage walking distance from the beach. I'm desperate to go on a silent retreat, if I could just find the place and time. I'm happier and nicer when I meditate consistently. The Free Hugs video makes me happy and hopeful. I'll join a food co-op as soon as I can find one in my area. If I could, I'd wear long skirts or sundresses every day and grow my hair out long and wild and spend all day reading novels or working on my own fiction. I couldn't care less about what's new and trendy.

Who knew these things about me? Not many people.


Anonymous said...

Love Your Post! I am in a similar situation. Often the less said the better. ;-) Thx for your thoughts.

Rediscover Raw Food said...

anonymous, I'm betting more than a few people can relate to our situations, which is kind of a comforting thought.