Sunday, August 26, 2007

Today's Yummy Food

Today we attended the baptism of our friends' son. (He's a rising 8th grader, so I guess that makes him about 13 years old.) The church campus has an outdoor baptismal pool, and as we watched Nolan and two other church members wade in the water, fat raindrops provided an impromptu communal baptism. This being Southern California, not many of us had umbrellas, but in the spirit of the day, everyone received the shower with good cheer.

Nolan's family provided a celebratory post-church cookout (that's Black/Southern for barbecue). New friends and old gathered to celebrate the occasion. Nolan's father is a wonderful cook and the spread he laid out was substantial.

This time, I have no sense of guilt for the cooked food I had, because this wasn't the beginning of a spiral back into unhealthy eating. Tomorrow I'll be back to enjoying Raw Foods and the benefits they provide. That's something to look forward to.