Friday, August 31, 2007

Breaking Up with Joe (Part II)

The problem that I have with coffee is twofold. One, it's starting to be an addiction, punishing me with headaches when I don't have at least a cup each day. Two, while the health benefits or detriments of coffee are still up for debate, there's no question that the things I dump in it to mellow the taste are not good for me.

So yesterday my daughter and I went to Teavana, where I purchased a pot with cups and 4 tins of various teas. I know what you're thinking. Tea isn't any more raw than coffee. That's true, and that's where my 90% Raw goal comes in. I can drink tea each day and still meet my goal.
The other benefits of switching to tea include:
1) the ability to taper off from caffeine
2) the various health benefits associated with different types of teas
3) the tiny cups (it takes 3 servings to equal one of my coffee mugs)
4) the varieties I selected can be enjoyed plain, or with the tiniest bit of raw honey (adding the honey after the tea cools)
I'm shooting to cut coffee back to just a couple of days a week. The tea service promises to be an elegant, relaxing way to do that.