Saturday, September 1, 2007

Durian Tart & Apple Pie

Well, we tried the durian tart and apple pie that we purchased at Good Mood Food. I'm sorry to say, neither of them thrilled us. The apple pie lacked flavor. I didn't enjoy the texture of the shredded apples either. I had one bite and turned it over to Lovely Boyfriend to finish. He described it as "okay, but bland." It seemed to be missing the flavor and spices that make apple pie such a treat.

I know the durian is something of the darling of the Raw Food world. I'd never had the opportunity to taste the fruit itself, so I was excited by the opportunity to try it in a tart. Even before I opened the container, the smell hit me, but they say, "It smells like hell, and tastes like heaven." Who wouldn't want a little taste of heaven? I would. I still do, but I didn't find it in the durian tart. I even tried holding my breath while I ate it, all to no avail. It wasn't something I wanted to eat. Lovely Boyfriend had never heard of the durian. His response to a small sample of the pastry was to proclaim it pungent and leave it to me to attempt to enjoy.

I love the idea of Good Mood Food Cafe. I'm really hoping my next visit there won't be the last. It definitely won't include dessert.


Avery O Williams... said...

Smells bad, but tastes good? Is that perhaps like chitterlings (chitlin's to those we really eat 'em)?