Saturday, September 8, 2007

The End...A New Beginning

Today is officially the end of my commitment to Raw. I vowed to eat 90% Raw for 30 days, and as of this writing, I've done just that. Lovely Boyfriend dared to brave this adventure with me. Wonder Girl and Fierce-as-in-Fabulous Teenager ate many of my Raw concoctions, told me what was good and what needed tweaking, and jumped in with their own ideas.

For the first week, I enjoyed the food, but felt restricted. I held the idea that when I reached this point I'd want to celebrate with a large portion of cooked food. I'd imagined I'd still want to eat a mostly Raw diet, but with a lot more wiggle room for cooked oatmeal in the morning, pizza, creme brulee and truffle oil macaroni & cheese.

Here's the thing though. At some point, my thinking changed from one of sacrifice and deprivation, to one of pleasure, contentment and gratitude. Thus far, I love being Raw. It's led me to interact with groups of people I'd never have met otherwise. It's given me enough energy to be awake, alert and typing this at almost midnight, when I used to start winding down around 9 pm. It's opened my eyes to new tastes, flavor combinations, and opportunities for optimal health and nutrition. It's led me further into the world of organic and local food than I'd imagined I'd go, so that I'm now supporting a local organic farm as a member of its CSA.

Oh, yeah, I've also lost about 15 pounds of excess fat. Maybe it's 14 or 16. I thought that would be so important to me, and it is. I know I'm healthier without excesses of toxin-storing fluffiness. I know the improvement lowers my risk for all kinds of overweight-related diseases. It feels better to fit my clothes well. Yet, it's not nearly as exciting as having the energy to work out up to 3 hours in a day--if I want to and have the time--and still feel like I could go longer. Caring more about the purchase, preparation, and presentation of the food my family and I eat is a greater reward than sliding into that old pair of jeans. The quieter, more present way I'm learning to experience a meal--whether it be 1/2 a watermelon or an elaborate burger at a Raw restaurant--is revolutionary. I have more patience, even moods and clarity of thought. I'm happily Raw.

Raise your smoothie glasses, everyone. Here's to a long and happy future of High Raw. To your health.


Kristen's Raw said...

That's an awesome post. I love what you felt and thought about as you lived the Raw lifestyle. Very cool! Have a great day :)

Kristen Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing your goal! And even bigger congrats on your new feelings towards raw!

15 pounds gone forever! Fantastic!